Monday, February 2, 2015

Vision in Silver   starts my literary year off right

I was beyond thrilled to receive an advanced review copy of Anne Bishop's Vision in Silver.  Her series The Others stands out as top tier fantasy fiction and this third installment was on my short list of books that I most looked forward to in 2015.

I expected greatness and that is exactly what was delivered.  Bishop demonstrates once again that she is a master of her craft.  Her world and the characters in it feel real.  The things her characters do are believable and the things they say are credible.  The conflicts and growing pains they experience feel genuine.  The suspense she imbues keeps the pages turning and the payouts she delivers are satisfying.  

In this book, as in the previous two, Bishop takes us to some dark places.  What stands out about this installment is the feeling of hope. Not hope for a rosey rainbow perfect world where everyone lives happily ever after but hope that good things can happen for our heroes.

Vision in Silver is suspenseful, dark, sweetly hopeful, poignant and at times laugh out loud funny. This is sure to be one of the best books this year. 

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