Saturday, April 21, 2012

moms day off

After a sanity bending stretch of time spent alone with the kids I have been given a wonderful gift - a day off.  Hubby is responsible for the kids  I can come and go as I please and do whatever I like.  FREEDOM!

Too bad this freedom is squandered on me.   I spent the first hours of my day off picking up toys and cleaning the kitchen.  Because I was too tired to do that last night and I felt guilty handing things off to Hubby in that state.

Then I left to go workout, leaving Baby Boy screaming for me hysterically.   My workout was a fail - some special event had the place a mad house.  I returned to find Baby Boy still hysterical about my departure.  I calmed him down and slipped away to change clothes, and they went outside to play with Dad.  I still feel like the cruelest mom in the whole world.  Poor Baby Boy is used to being with me always.  It's good for both of us to have this time apart from each other, but it's hard for him and it's hard for me. 

When Hubby has a day off he runs away giddy with happiness to be doing whatever he does.  I have a day off and feel sad about being away from the kids. Apparently I have to learn how to exist for small stretches of time apart from my children.  

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