Friday, September 2, 2011

Logic be damned

I want Baby #3.  I know it'll be stressful, difficult beyond imagining and very expensive. But so were my other kids and they were worth it!

I know all the reasons why it's not a great idea.  At some point during this past week though I realized that I was trying awfully hard to convince myself.  For most of Baby Boy's life, more than 2 years, I have fought my yearning for Baby #3 with logic.  It's time to just admit it...I want another baby!

And I can answer most of my arguments against a third child.

I think it would be good for our boys to have another sibling.  How could having another family member to love not be?  Special needs of our first son aside, having another child for Little Guy to interact with would offer more opportunities for growth and automatically widen his daily social group.

As for time management with 3 kids....well, next fall Little Guy will be in kindergarten and Baby Boy will be starting preschool.  That should help.  I won't pretend that will be enough, though.  I know I would be one busy mama. 

As for the convenience of having 2 not 3, well...we already have a minivan.  It's not like we don't have the room.  We already drive instead of fly, so it's not like it's an extra plane ticket when we travel.  Even the bedrooms are currently arranged perfectly for another baby, with a crib soon to be vacant.

Hubby is full of logical reasons to stop where we're at, but I know that part of him wants another baby, too.   I know that if our first 2 children had been girls we would be rolling the dice a third time to try for a boy for him.  So it's a double standard to not do the same to try for a girl.  Although...technically, to be clear, this is not about having a girl.  That would be lovely, but so would another little boy.  A third little fishing buddy for hubby... 

And my final argument...if we go for 3 I would "get fixed" following my c-section.  Hubby would not have to have a vasectomy.

So there you go!  I wish I could wave a wand and be 6 months preggo already.  I'm ready for another baby.

Which I realize is a total joke.  No one is ever ready for a baby, another or otherwise.  And as I finish typing this I realize that I'm exhausted and looking forward to sleep.  Sweet, uninterrupted by a baby, sleep.  And I realize that I'm not completely sold on this whole Baby 3 thing.  Oy.

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