Sunday, April 5, 2009

just testing out room service at the hospital, that's all

Yesterday evening I had a small fall on the stairs. (I know, I more careful...don't carry Little Guy down anymore...Hubby has already said it all!) I didn't fall very far at all and I landed on my back but my doctors office had me go in to the hospital to be checked. I went into observation and their standard rule is 4 hrs of monitoring for any 3rd trimester falls.

Everything looked great, Babytwo is active and has a great heart beat. But during the last hour of observation I started having medium strong contractions every other minute. They decided to admit me to monitor overnight, put me on an IV and ran some tests. All the tests came back fine and overnight the contractions slowed to a more normal non-labor rate. Everything looked so good they discharged me earlier than planned this AM and yea! I'm home now.

For the next few days I'm to take it easy, and if contractions pick up again I go back to the hospital. But for now everything is looking good!

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ScienceMama said...

Thank goodness everything is okay!