Thursday, April 2, 2009

the Blanket Nazi

We have a storage ottoman in our living room in which we keep our cozy throw blankets. Little Guy can generally not stand to see the blankets put away in said ottoman, but demands they must be out at all times.

Sometimes Little Guy will decide you're cold. He'll pile every single one of the blankets on top of you.

Sometimes you really are cold. You might presume to grab a blanket. Little Guy will set you straight. "Mine!" he'll tell you as rips it off you and discards it on the floor. Pleas ("But Little Guy I'm really really cold!") will get you no where. Neither will reasoning ("No, Little Guy, not yours. Mine!").

Finally you learn...the Blanket Nazi decides when and if you're cold. Oh, and also if every light in the house should be switched on.

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