Saturday, December 6, 2008

personal safety: paranoia or prudence

Today we stopped at a liquor store to buy some alcohol for a Christmas party. I elected to wait in the car with Little Guy while hubby ran in.

Coming out of the store directly in front of where we were parked I couldn't help but notice a man that looked rather like Santa. But if Santa were a truck driver. He stared at me as he walked and then came up to my door and knocked on my window.

"Can I ask you a question?" he said.

Shit. Fuck. Damn. What am I supposed to do? It would be so incredibly rude to ignore this man, but the whole situation was setting off alarm bells. In the end I guess the fear of being rude won, because I cracked open the door (couldn't roll down the window) and spoke to the man.

Despite my clearly uncomfortable demeanor the man proceeded to ask me various questions at great length about our GPS unit, situated visibly on our dash. Finally, with the guy still talking to me, I got myself and Little Guy out of the car. Now standing a comfortable distance away from the man I tried to wrap up our conversation. I told him we were going to go inside to join my husband, but he stopped me with more questions. He kept on talking, at one point kind of grabbing my arm supposedly in play with my son. That did it. I made it clear that we were going inside and he got in his van and left.

This encounter is so unsettling to me. I hate to be cynical and suspicous. This man could very well just be a super talkative friendly guy with GPS questions. But he also could have been a very dangerous man. And I'm kind of sick with myself that I allowed it to play out the way that it did for as long as it did. I guess next time I'd rather be rude.


mama of the valley said...

a few days later and i don't feel like i was being silly. it's hard to explain but there was something off about this guy, about this encounter.

ScienceMama said...

trust your gut. you don't have to apologize for keeping yourself and your babies safe.