Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A heartbreaking way to start the day

California is reporting a 52% yes vote on Prop 8 with 94% of the polls reporting.

And in order to find those results on I was treated with the information that Arizona and Florida each passed their own bans on gay marriage, while Arkansas has passed a proposition making it illegal for gay couples to adopt children.

So, yes, I shed some tears of happiness last night about Obama...tears that were only slightly related to pregnancy hormones.

This morning I cry a different way entirely.

We might have taken a giant step as a nation, but nation...we still have a long way to go.

My only consolation -- nearly half of California (more than 4.8 million people) voted against 8. Hardly a landslide.

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TheMusingMommy said...

You put this beautifully. There is always hope...We finally elected a non-white for president, I believe we'll recognize all members of our society as equals. Hopefully sooner than later...