Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meme time: 6 Random Facts

1. At last count I have lived in 10 different cities. Most of them before I was 25. All but one in California.

2. I am a whistler. At home I whistle all the time often without realizing it. Hubby hates it because I get songs stuck in his head.

3. I spent my high school years seriously involved in one of the nations most top notch choir programs. But I'm really not talented and will never let you hear me sing.

4. I had just one fire dancer sticker (dmb logo) on my car for 6 years. Within a month of adding a second fire dancer to my car Hubby came into my life -- also a huge dmb fan.

5. I wore Payless shoes in my wedding. My mom forgot to bring critical things to my out of town wedding and it wasn't discovered until about an hour before the ceremony. Things like my shoes, my petticoat slip, all my undergarments and my head piece. Basically everything except the actual dress and veil. My older sister did some emergency shopping, but the nearest town was 20 min away with limited shopping.

So I tripped over my dress a little bit (too long w/o the slip) and everything ran an hour late. The Payless shoes were actually cuter than the ones that got left behind. They put real flowers in my hair instead of the headpiece. It all worked out better than fine.

6. I'm seriously overhyped in some parts of my family. My little cousin just graduated with distinction from Berkeley and my little sister will graduate from her college with honors this spring. They are two seriously beautiful, hard working and intelligent young ladies. And in their minds they're on par with me. Nobody has told them that they kicked my ass a long time ago. I guess there are some perks to being the first person in the family to graduate college.

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