Sunday, July 27, 2008

my little brother, aka all-star MVP

My little brothers are ridiculously talented jocks. It's no big surprise -- their parents are very into sports. Not just watching but playing, too. All of my half siblings have grown up (or are still growing up) in Sports Land. TV watching is frowned on. Getting outside and playing is encouraged. Pretty much every day of the year the whole family is busy with either practices (Dad coaches and Step Mom is "Team Mother") or with games. The sports talent didn't limit itself to the boys, either; my lis sis was an outstanding soccer player in her day, too.

If you know me, you know I could give a rat's ass about sports. (It's fun to type phrases like that since I'm not allowed to say them in front of little ears anymore). But I love my brothers and so through the ages I have sat through the occasional football/baseball/basketball games and proudly cheered them on.

The older of my younger brothers was selected for the All Star team and had his big game Saturday night. I wasn't able to attend but from all accounts it was more outstanding footballing by lil bro - he played all 4 quarters and rec'd MVP. What an awesome way to end his high school football career.

So cheers to my little brother! I may not give a rat's ass about football, but I do care about whats important to him.

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