Saturday, July 12, 2008

greetings from a new state

So we made it! Ok, so technically we made it exactly a week ago...but it's been one crazy week!

Let's go back to about 2 weeks ago. The movers showed up on Monday morning to pack up the house. In 8 hours our home went from completely normal to completely deconstructed into boxes. I was doing ok. The next day was loading day, and harder. My husband is for various reason completely disconnected from that house. But not me. I mean, we brought our baby home to that house. So many happy memories. And now so sad and empty.

But onward. After loading day we headed south to visit my mom, grandma and best friend for a few days. Tearful, gut-wrenching goodbyes.

Onward. Back to Merced to visit Hubby's family for a few days. And then *blink* it was time for my sister to take us to the airport. Tearful, gut-wrenching goodbyes.

Onward. On to the plane where thank God Almighty our Little Guy did about 150,000 times better than on our last plane trip.

And then we were here. Well, not here in our house. In first one hotel...and then another. Little Guy was thrown through a loop with all these different places and not sleeping well (this means neither was I). Finally last Tuesday our stuff arrived at our house and in the middle of all the moving craziness Hubby started his new job. Little Guy was happy to be reunited with his toys.

Now we are in the house we are renting and it's awesome. Not the endless boxes full of crap that are everywhere, but the house itself. The being together every single day. The unmistakable upgrade of town and community.

I miss our families. A lot. I'm sick of searching for stuff in boxes and instead finding useless crap that I don't want to deal with. I am especially sick of the demon known as Shelf Paper.

But above all, I am grateful to the bottom of my heart for the many, many gifts of this new life.

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