Friday, March 21, 2008

so very very proud

Today my big sister gave a speech to more than 750 people at the annual luncheon for the county's Womens Center.

This years event was dedicated to her close friend and neighbor who was abused and ultimately murdered by her husband in early 2007.

The district attorney introduced Big Sis as a hero who courageously stood up for her friend in life and in death.

Big Sis took the stage and even through her tears managed to give a powerful and moving speech to a crowd (750+ !) that included several congressmen, councilmen and other VIPs. There were not many dry eyes.

This was no small feat for her. She has not tried to milk this tragedy -- she does not, in fact, enjoy talking about it. When the Womens Center asked her to speak in order to help other victims, however, she could not turn them down.

She did an outstanding job and I for one am incredibly proud of her.

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