Wednesday, March 26, 2008

of the valley no more?

we are tossing around the idea of a move again... life is in limbo again. i'll be so glad to finally have things settled, whatever they are. but that won't be until next year!

seriously, i know my current hometown is no gem. but it's centrally located to family. i lived far away from my family once and i hated being so disconnected from them. i hated the feeling of wanting so badly to be physically there for them and being unable to be.

but...on the flip side...seriously this town is no gem. of all the cities i've lived in i would probably rank it dead last.

and there is no question that this is NOT the school system i want my babies to go into. so the idea of a new city is definitely exciting in some ways.

so i bounce emotionally between wanting to hug the tree out there in the backyard and refuse to leave and wanting to go pack up the house right now.

and in the meantime...i just don't know. so i can't comfortably settle into either idea.


i guess what will be will be. the future's not mine to see. que sera, sera.

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