Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I spent most of the day struggling with a disappointment.  It was one of those disappointments that is connected to a long chain of past disappointments.  A minor thing all by itself but connected to that chain my sadness had became a weighty thing.  Hubby did nice sweet things to cheer me up that made me smile but the feeling would not stay in my heart.  Not yet.  I was in a funk I could not get out of.

I was still wiping away stray tears when I went to pick up Little Guy from school.  Then through his open classroom door I spotted Little Guy walking to me, a grin on his handsome little face. *POOF!* My heart lifted.  Just the sight of him and his joy dispelled my gloom and made me okay again.  He's a magical creature, my son.  Both my sons.

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