Sunday, August 21, 2011

a new day

It's Sunday morning and we just returned from a trip to the store. And I don't have PTSD from it. Same kiddos, same reluctance to leave the toys at home. Yet today's trip was met with acceptance if not pleasure. There was little argument and at the store Little Guy stayed calmly in tow, waiting with near perfect patience while I searched the shelves, even allowing me a moments peace to weigh my options. He asked me very nicely, "5 more minutes?" and only tried to drive the shopping cart off with Baby Boy once when my selection process stretched too long. He walked right by toys I know he would love to possess without pestering me once to get them. At check out he greeted our cashier with "Nice mustache!" and responded sociably to small talk. The only melt down the whole time was a small one from Baby Boy, who feels it is a great injustice that Big Brother gets to walk in stores while he must ride in the cart. The cherry on top of this nice trip -- listening to another mom one aisle over come completely unglued screaming at her kids to behave. "That is not how you behave!" and "Because I said so" were generously verbalized. Don't get me wrong, I feel for that stressed out mom. But THANK you, universe, for both letting someone else have a turn and for showing me I am not alone in my store drama issues.

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