Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the new days dawn

Baby Boy is 9 months old now and the baby days are dwindling. No longer does he lay in my arms, cushioned on a boppy, to dine in peaceful bliss. Now he sits on my lap cuddled against me to gulp down a bottle. We managed to eek nursing out to 9 months just by the skin of our teeth with nursing limited to bed time and night time feedings. As the 9 month milestone dawned it was a push to even get that in. Baby Boy is just done with it and who can blame him? So much work for so little when he's now used to the bottle. It finally has reached that critical point where there's simply not anything I can do anymore, and while it is somewhat sad it is also a relief. Now I can really and truly put it out of my mind.

I am sad to see the end of baby days. The knowledge that this is our last child is never far from my mind when I consider Baby Boy's development. Part of me wants another baby very much, but part of me also realizes the insanity of it. I can't go on having babies forever and ever. The end comes eventually, and logically for a lot of different reasons this is a good time to stop. And before I feel too sad about no more babies, I remind myself how lucky I am to have had 2 babies. We have close friends with very imposing fertility challenges and they would trade much to be blessed with even one baby.

I am so happy about the days ahead and where Baby Boy is now. For one thing, he's almost entirely out of our bed! YAY! In the end that transition was not nearly as difficult as I feared. Baby Boy is rolling all over the place and getting into everything. He can sit himself up and he lunges forward on all fours -- crawling is imminent! I am a baby food chef once again and Baby Boy enjoys his real food very much. And he's talking a bit! He says mama, dada and hi. Sometimes as mere babble, but often in the correct context. He's blooming and it's a joy to watch.

Little Guy is growing too. He started preschool last month and loves loves loves it. When he started preschool we became aware that Little Guy wasn't talking as much as the other children his age. We had him evaluated by a speech therapist and it turns out he is a bit behind so now he goes to weekly speech therapy (I am reminded of the mother of a college roommate every time we go).

Little Guy is also mastering tricycles and the art of brothering. (For instance: Step 1, you help your baby brother sit up. Step 2, you push him over and laugh as he weeble wobbles onto his back. He laughs, too, because he's so happy you're "playing" with him. Step 3, you get a time out because Mommy is a killjoy.) He does sweet stuff, too. It so adorable to see him hugging and kissing on Baby Boy. And they look pretty darn cute in the bath together, where Little Guy helps wash Baby Boy with a wash cloth.

Little Guy is excited to show off his knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and many letter sounds. He sings to us Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song. He loves 2 obnoxiously loud toys that he got for Christmas. I'm seeing the merit of my stepmoms rule for childrens toys -- no toys that require batteries! He loves them so much though we hate to take them away. Hubby took one apart and muffled the speaker so it doesn't drive us quite so insane at least.

Our boys are truly remarkable. I thank my lucky stars for them everyday. And for Hubby, too, of course.

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