Saturday, October 10, 2009

when mommies don't get their nap...

...they cry like babies! At first just on the inside, but after about 2 weeks on the outside as well.

My Little Guy is currently on this horrific and insane sleep schedule. A typical day basically looks like this:

6:30AM - Wake Up
10 AM - Starts to show signs of sleepiness
11:30 AM - Starts laying around everywhere he's so tired. Carpet, Bark Box, Play structures. Lays down and doesn't play.
12:39 PM - Eats lunch drowsily
1 - 4PM - Runs squealing around his room, no signs of tiredness. His room is completely devoid of toys so ear piercing squeals is how he keeps himself awake.
5 PM - Back to the playroom, more running around squealing.
6 PM - Falls asleep at the dinner table, refusing to be woken up.
7 PM - refuses to wake
8 pm - carried to bed to sleep for then night
9:30 pm - wakes up refreshed. served dinner and changed into PJ's.
10pm - too well rested to sleep
11pm - not tired
12pm - still not tired
1 am - still not tired
1:15 am - found passed out on bed, completely naked. (WTF?)
6:30 am - stands at bedroom gate yelling "Hello! Hell-00000!"
and the cycle is complete

But it's ok. Because 5 hrs of night sleep + 3 hrs of nap is totally enough rest for a preschooler. And 5 hours of intermittent sleep between Baby Boy wakings is totally enough for me. Totally.

Speaking of Baby Boy, he is sleeping peacefully right now. I'm going to go cry now because I can't.

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