Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today my sister had to turn in her letter to the judge for his consideration in sentencing the murderer of her dear friend. I just read a draft of it and have been once again moved to tears.

One of the most horrible things about this situation is the bottomlessness to it. It seems like my sister just moves through one part to the next. Sometimes it easier but then the next part is the hardest yet.

The way the justice part of this drags on makes it far from easy. It's been two and half years and there is still ongoing court time for it. Still testimony. Still being forced to think about and relive the very darkest of times. And as long as it's in the courts still she is sealed to silence outside of the courts.

So she can't talk about it outside of court, but she is forced to think and talk about it for court. How is she supposed to heal, to move on? I hope and pray that this is finally the end of the justice part of this.

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