Wednesday, April 29, 2009

late night fun

well tonight i'm up too late, feeling nostalgic and remembering my wedding on the eve of our 3rd anniversary. i'm also feeling contractions, but have been assured that BabyTwo is just toying with me and will not be arriving a moment before his scheduled c-section on monday.

ironically, after weeks of anxious anticipation now that the big day is almost here i'd really be ok if Babytwo wanted to stay put for a while longer. i like sleeping at night. really.

i just can't believe it's almost here. it seems like i blinked and now this pregnancy is almost over. in actuality i know there was about as much puking as there was blinking, and i know those days passed slowly.

but wow. soon, very soon, we will no longer be 3, but a family of 4. wow.


TheMusingMommy said...

wow...goosebumps. I can't believe you're at the end of the pregnancy either. :)

What hospital are you delivering at? My mom worked as an OB nurse at Tuality, in Hillsboro.

jevs said...
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