Monday, February 23, 2009

the bottom stretch

I cannot believe it's the 3rd trimester already. I cannot believe that the time until Babytwo gets here is now measured in weeks. I cannot believe that Babytwo is so big now that he exceeds the paper ruler I'd been marking his length on.

I'm kind of sad that this pregnancy, probably my last, is winding down.
I'm anxious to hold my Babytwo and see him for the first time.
I'm a bit scared of the stresses and challenges ahead of us.
I can't wait to see Hubby hold his newborn son, to watch Little Guy grow into his job of big brother.

It's all so very very soon! :)


ScienceMama said...


your due date again?

did the quilt from my mom arrive yet?

what do you need? are you registered somewhere?

jevs said...

"probably my last" !?!?!

mama of the valley said...

yes! we got the awesome train quilt! your mom is one talented lady. it was really touching that you and your mom thought of us. i might have gone all hormonal and cried a's very sweet!

delivery will be another c-section, probably scheduled the first week of may. we don't need anything, don't you dare send us another gift! unless, of course, it's a visit the next time you're heading through...

mama of the valley said...

yes, honey..."probably".
it's not like we've never changed our minds!