Saturday, February 7, 2009

ah, pregnancy!

Yesterday morning I had noticeable, uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions. It brought back nice memories of Little Guy's birth -- distant memories of walking hospital halls with far worse contractions. Been a long long time since I felt those!

Then sometime last night I began to get that uncomfortable feeling like my lungs just don't have enough room to properly breathe. I huff and puff just going up and down the stairs sometimes. I'd forgotten about that!

The cherry on top is a developing love-hate relationship with sleep. As in, I would love to sleep 20 hrs a day. I hate not being able to sleep on my back and now that I've gotten larger it's getting harder and harder to be comfortable in any position, no matter the pillow configuration. The ratio of sleeping to not-sleeping is shifting. And this time I will only keep shifting and not start turning around again until BabyTwo starts sleeping through the night, many moons from now.

I'm not complaining here, I'm observing. Observing with no small amount of joy and anticipation.

I settled on 2 day choices for our scheduled c-section and yesterday my mom bought her plane tickets for being with us through the big event.

I had a few extremely productive days this week when the need to nest overcame the need to sleep and I got a tremendous amount done. Babytwo's bassinet is sitting in our room waiting to be assembled. The changing table has been moved in there and awaits stocking. I need to go buy drawers so I can start unpacking all of Little Guy's baby clothes. I spend what seems like vast amounts of time onine selecting with great care which baby gear we need.

My mind is filled with preparing for an enormous and wonderful life change that is now less than 12 weeks away. We are SO not ready!

p.s. - I am freaking enormous! I cannot fathom how big I will be by the time this is done...

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Nicole said...

Ummm, you need to call me so I can buy my plane ticket!