Monday, November 24, 2008

a study in grandmas, part 1

In her day, Grandma E. was the epitome of a stellar housewife. She could cook a mean roast, bake from scratch the tastiest of pies and keep the house nothing less than the sparkliest of cleans.

Grandma E. is salt of the earth. She has been hardened by life and is inclined to be doubtful. My father says of her, his mother: "She can find the cloud in any silver lining."

This sign has hung in my grandma's kitchen my entire life, probably longer:
Yesterday is but a dream
Tomorrow is just a vision
but Today was a real bitch

My Grandma E. will never forget things my stepmother did when my sister and I were children, and she will never forgive her -- even if my sister and I have. I love her a little bit more for that.

The years will fall off my Grandma E. when she talks about arriving in California with her mother when she was sixteen, all their possessions from Arkansas fit into a single suitcase.

My Grandma E. lost beloved children - through miscarriages, stillbirth and car accident.

On top of keeping that stellar household, she worked as accountant managing the books for my grandfather's business. She went back to school as an adult and earned an Associates degree with honors.

Grandma E. is an avid reader and the loss of her sight pains her greatly.

My 3 words to describe Grandma E. are strong, perceptive and loving.

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ScienceMama said...

i dreamt about you last night. it made me miss you a lot.