Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a taste of his own medicine

Little Guy made a new playground acquaintance. She's one month older, loves the steering wheel and hates anyone who comes near "her" playground. Basically she's a female version of my son.

As my son approached her and the treasured steering wheel she screamed "no, no, NO, MINE!" and then pushed/slapped him away. Awesome! It's not just my kid! It really is age appropriate behavior.

Aside from making me feel better, I think it was good for Little Guy to experience a taste of his own medicine. Even if he did throw himself down on the bridge and cry pitifully for a moment.

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TheMusingMommy said...

It is always a relief to see other children behave just as "awful" as your own! But it's always better when the other children behave WORSE than your own! ;)