Sunday, August 10, 2008

justice cont'd

today i am once again outraged. over what? (well, here comes the broken record...) over a murder.

it makes me so sick to my stomach to think of Jaime's murderer possibly walking free, even gaining custody of their children. although this is not a likely scenario, it is a possible scenario now that there will be a new trial.

it makes me sick to think about my sister going through another trial. The enormous emotional cost of it, and the very real danger she will once again be in with her testimony in front of her instead of behind her.

but probably what disturbs me most of all are all the other domestic violence murder victims of the present and future. Our friends murderer was stupid enough, high enough, whatever enough, to commit his brutal crime in broad daylight with at least one witness. but what if he hadn't? what if he had actually put a moments thought into his crime? how are other murderers like him supposed to be convicted if the victim's statements to friends, family, and even the police are to be inadmissible?

how will there be justice?

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