Friday, May 2, 2008

the country wedding of the century

a funny story. dear hubby's cousin is getting married, and he asked dear hubby to be the best man. as the wedding plans developed i laughed and laughed and laughed. dear hubby gets to wear wranglers, boots and a cowboy tie. a nice hat was banned at the last moment since the wedding is inside a church. ha hahaha.

but the big guy upstairs heard me. (not hard since i was sharing the joke with many people) and he had a message for me: it's not nice to laugh at your husband when he's doing something nice for family.

so guess who got asked at the last moment to be a bridesmaid in the country wedding of the century...

luckily i can still laugh about it. because my dress actually isn't that bad. but dear hubby in wranglers is going to be so.freaking.awesome. it's totally worth whatever bridesmaid sufferings i might have.

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