Monday, May 26, 2008

baby fever

Ever since Madelyn was born all I can think about is babies! that was only a few days ago. But long before that I was thinking about being pregnant again. It wasn't pointless fantasy -- hubby and I had/have a plan to get preggo later this year. I was mentally preparing myself for it.

Since seeing and holding a newborn it's been different.

Part of me has been balking at the idea of trying to raise 2 children. I would think back to how hard it was with Little Guy and imagine the responsibility of having a newborn and an older child at the same time. It seemed difficult beyond my capabilities.

But I had an epiphany of sorts this weekend: it would not be the same as when I had Little Guy.

The ways of babies are no longer strange and mysterious to me. I am well practiced at the baby arts - burping, feeding, diapering, rocking to sleep.

When I held my newborn Little Guy the task of caring for him seemed all consuming. When I held newborn Madelyn I realized that newborns are simple. Which isn't to say that the constant sleep deprivation isn't insanely hard to handle. Little Guy was a horrible napper, which meant Mommy didn't get much sleep.

I just can't help thinking that with all my Little Guy experience I would be so much better at it all now. That maybe it *is* feasible.

I'll hear from Nicole soon and she'll tell me that I'm full of crap and it's insanely difficult.

But for now the fever rages!

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