Thursday, November 1, 2007

things change

sandy eggo was fun...but revisiting that life was strange. that old way of life fits me about as well as my pre-baby pants do (some parts better than others, and with some discomfort). it's not just that i'm a mom's also that i'm married. i have never been so uncomfortable going out in my life as i was when we hit the gaslamp ! i felt like an old lady with my shirt all buttoned up just praying nobody would hit on me.

that might sound a bit ridiculous but most of my years living and going out in sandy eggo i was single, and my old partner in crime still is. Plus, she attracts a steady stream of male attention...which i wanted nothing to do with!

SOOOOOO.....i would love to go to sandy eggo and go out on the town again...but next time my dear husband must come!

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