Sunday, November 4, 2007


dearest amiga,

i love you! you are truly a wonderful person and i have been so blessed to have you in my life. but seriously...

quit picking assholes to be involved with. it does not matter if underneath it all they have a heart of gold. they are assholes and you will never change them.

let go of the exes. i won't pretend to know how painful this last break up was for you, but you are only drawing out the pain...

quit swimming in sadness. there are horrible things in the world. i don't need you to explain that to me. i don't need you to try to make me feel it. my empathy skills are just fine, thank you. i just don't need to "go there" over every single tragedy that i brush up against.


i don't believe that a word of this would actually get through to you. you would only be hurt and more sad and probably extremely pissed off at me.

you are a good girl...i just wish you could be happy!

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