Thursday, April 12, 2012


My preferred method of reading is from cover to cover with short interruptions for food and water.  I am not a chapter-a-day kind of person.  Or rather, I am not a willing chapter-a-day person.  I have small children and usually, to my immense frustration, that is just how it works out. Having a Kindle has greatly improved the situation - Baby Boy can cuddle on my lap, slowly waking up and I can read.  When he is older Baby Boy will be a huge coffee drinker but in the meantime he likes 10-15 minutes on Mommy's lap while he adjusts to the waking world.  

Baby Boy is almost 3 now (yeah, he really needs a new blog name) and there are no longer numerous stretches of lap time for feeding and he only needs wake-up cuddles twice a day.  Luckily, there is this device called a television and with it I am able to achieve some more satisfying stretches of reading - the entire length of Cars, Toy Story or Lady and the Tramp if I am lucky.  I try to use this magical device sparingly, but every so often a long awaited book is released or received.  Or it is my birthday week.  Or I'm watching the kids by myself while Hubby is on a trip with his best buddies.  Since all 3 of these things happened last week I felt pretty justified in deploying the television and it's soldiers: PBS, NickJr and DisneyJr.

Alas, my birthday week is over.  Hubby is back from his trip.  I have two Ilona Andrews ebooks left unread but if I redeploy the soldiers now I will face a severe case of The Guilt.  So my bender is over and now I need to be a mature adult and put the books down before my family is forced to stage an intervention.  It is back to a half hour a day of much interrupted reading.  I'm a pretty fast reader so that should be at least a few chapters a day.  Self discipline, I hate you.

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